"With a deep appreciation for the rich history of music, Chrys wrote Window to Nowhere on his 60-year-old Gibson acoustic, blessing each song with the soul of that guitar. Window to Nowhere plays to the human pathos creating an undeniable connection to his deeply emotive music."
The Huffington Post


"With Window To Nowhere, Andre Chrys could become better known than just one of many local performers. It’s an album that puts Chrys in the singer-songwriter category, Neil Young Division."
Tom Harrison, CD of the Week, The Vancouver Province


"Anyone with a taste for Roots type music should probably check out Andre Chrys...Andre’s got an almost twangy country thing going on, with a bit more edge to it. I’m a big fan of The Velvet Rut. I think that’s a really tight song that kinda lives on your head, and it’s a pretty strong record so keep your eyes open for Andre Chrys’ Window to Nowhere."

Stuart Derdeyn, Scene and Heard, The Vancouver Province


"Andre Chrys’s music hits you like a big cup of black coffee on a cold December morning. His new album, “Window to Nowhere” is a collection of songs that display a unique conveyance of intellectual grit wrapped around expert musicianship and lyricism."
Big Sky State Buzz

"With songs ranging from blues,classic rock and soul — Chrys hit every mark and has created a classic body of work."

"Meet Andre Chrys, a Canadian who’s chewed up and spit out Americana and roots better than most of the big boys in the US."

"Chrys digs deep...His mix of acoustic and electric guitars makes for alluring and magical music that can appeal to a wide audience."
Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"Count songwriter Andre Chrys as an... artist who knows how to ...dial up the right sonic accoutrements to underscore the emotional weight to his work."
Speak Into My Good Eye

"The ear-candy Americana album... shin(es) with a sort of gritty, rubbed off American history. You practically see Chrys and his band standing in a smoky honky-tonk."

"(T)here’s a warm, roots rock feel to the album, like Bruce Springsteen or a later Nick Cave...From beginning to end, the record is one open-hearted confessional from a musician with nothing to prove, because he’s proven it already."
The Big Takeover

"The Velvet Rut is a track that is absolutely timeless; hints of 1950s and 1960s country & western are refreshed with hints of alternative to make for something that will be eagerly taken up by fans of Voltaire or The Dresden Dolls."
Neufutur Magazine

"Get Away With It is the perfect blend of Americana/Rock and songwriter charisma, it is a track that belongs on the next Hunter S Thompson inspired movie that come along. If you like Americana, rock, or simply enjoy something really good, then give this album a spin and enjoy what the talented Andre Chrys offers."
Vents Magazine

"Straight away he grabs the listener with “Get Away With It,” a tune that could have come straight out of a bar in Memphis or Chicago and would stay with you long after you left. This is a fine collection of songs and really demonstrates Chrys’ grasp not only of songwriting and rock/blues, but of Americana in particular, or more accurately, North Americana. 9 Stars (and Maple Leafs) out of 10."
Pop Culture Beast

"Listening to his new album Window To Nowhere, it feels more like he’s been playing at the bar right next to the stadium Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty just finished up at. It sounds very modern, but the presence of that inspiration is never lost and seeps out through every second of the album. The music is atmospheric, but it isn’t a stadium atmosphere, it is an everyman at happy hour atmosphere."
Hear & Now Media

"Andre Chrys is a troubadour with bite. His brand of roots rock allows him to explore a wide array of characters and themes dark and light, his love for the classics informing a sound that is rooted in a kind of edgy timelessness."
For The Country Record

“Window To Nowhere” is designed to appeal to anyone who really appreciate just good music."
Music Crowns

"A standout song on Window To Nowhere is the spare alt-folk noir number “Don’t Disappear On Me”. An undercurrent of foreboding runs through the song as it treads with a measured drum and muted cymbal crash. An extended shiver of organ hangs in the background...Andre keeps his emotions in check, leaving his words and repressed feelings to do the talking."
DOA (Delusions of Adequacy)

"In a time where real talented musicians are hard to find some make a grand entrance. Canadian Andre Chrys has worked hard to bridge the gap between real talent and the wannabes."
Avenue 1