"With a deep appreciation for the rich history of music, Chrys wrote Window to Nowhere on his 60-year-old Gibson acoustic, blessing each song with the soul of that guitar. Window to Nowhere plays to the human pathos creating an undeniable connection to his deeply emotive music."
The Huffington Post


"With Window To Nowhere, Andre Chrys could become better known than just one of many local performers. It’s an album that puts Chrys in the singer-songwriter category, Neil Young Division."
Tom Harrison, CD of the Week, The Vancouver Province


"Anyone with a taste for Roots type music should probably check out Andre Chrys...Andre’s got an almost twangy country thing going on, with a bit more edge to it. I’m a big fan of The Velvet Rut. I think that’s a really tight song that kinda lives on your head, and it’s a pretty strong record so keep your eyes open for Andre Chrys’ Window to Nowhere."

Stuart Derdeyn, Scene and Heard, The Vancouver Province


"Meet Andre Chrys, a Canadian who’s chewed up and spit out Americana and roots better than most of the big boys in the US."

"Chrys digs deep...His mix of acoustic and electric guitars makes for alluring and magical music that can appeal to a wide audience."
Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"(T)here’s a warm, roots rock feel to the album, like Bruce Springsteen or a later Nick Cave...From beginning to end, the record is one open-hearted confessional from a musician with nothing to prove, because he’s proven it already."
The Big Takeover

"The Velvet Rut is a track that is absolutely timeless; hints of 1950s and 1960s country & western are refreshed with hints of alternative to make for something that will be eagerly taken up by fans of Voltaire or The Dresden Dolls."
Neufutur Magazine


“Window To Nowhere” is designed to appeal to anyone who really appreciate just good music."
Music Crowns